Prairie Touch Football League

Welcome to the Prairie Touch Football League

Posted Tue Apr 23, 2013 - 03:59 PM

The outdoor Football season is quickly approaching and we would like to extend a welcoming hand to our new league that we at the Prairie Touch Football League introduced to you at the end of last season. We would like to first and foremost apologise to all of those that have been waiting to hear what was coming of the League. We did not want to start pushing forward with this season though without first ensuring we were going to have fields to play on.

We would like to let those interested know exactly what they can expect from the Prairie Touch Football League this coming season. Registration for an individual team for the 2013 season is going to be $1650 per team. This price is to reflect the fact that there is now an increased cost to field rentals this year.

We are offering teams an open and approachable committee to bring any questions and/or concerns to. We at Prairie Touch Football League will be bringing forth a group of referees that are fair as well as knowledgeable. Some of the fields that we will be resourcing this year are Simkin, MPR, and Vanwellingham School to name a few. The P.T.F.L. has made sure that the fields available to our teams are full sized athletic fields. We are working to expand our field allocations as well to ensure we acquire fields in many parts of the city to make it easier on teams for travel.

What we are hoping for the P.T.F.L. and its registered teams this upcoming season includes such things as;
- working to give teams an option of a fun and welcoming environment to play touch football.
- Giving teams a place to play with field locations spread throughout the Northern part of the City.
- Providing a new approach of a league run by a committee and not just an individual to make it a fairly run league.
We at Prairie Touch Football are a group of individuals that have played in several leagues throughout the city of Winnipeg over more than a decade of time. What we would like to do is help to fill a void that is obviously left by the loss of the UTFL last year.
The owners of the P.T.F.L would like to gauge the interest in this league and would welcome any questions you may have regarding the league. You can contact us at:, or (204) 998-3116 text or call. As well as , or (204) 770-7643. Other ways we can be reached is through the website and look up ptfl on facebook like the page.

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